In the effort to be green,
UK Government has unwittingly unleashed
a new, invisible pollution problem
on forecourt owners

The Biofuel Paradox

The problem of environmental
Ethanol and BTEX pollution from forecourts
will get worse over time as the %
of bio matter in fuel increases.

The Biofuel Paradox

Filtering oil and water is pretty
straightforward. But what
if the really dangerous pollutants hide
themselves in the water?

The Biofuel Paradox

A scientific breakthrough means £200
is the difference between
forecourt biofuel protection
and biofuel pollution.

The Biofuel Paradox

BTEX are particularly destructive contaminants.
When they hide in water they become
a formidable environmental enemy.

The Biofuel Paradox

The Biofuel Paradox and Forecourt Management


What are the risks and costs to forecourt owners?

Look at the current solution in place and your forecourt management practices. Check the filter specification inside the separators to ensure it prevents the outflow of Ethanol and the BTEX contaminants into the watercourse. If not, you may be at risk. However, through simple forecourt management Ethanol filters can be retro-fitted – and easily installed at new locations for virtually the same cost as non-ethanol coalescing filters.

"Fines, bad publicity and your company being viewed as negligent is something no forecourt owner need face when the financial cost of implementing a working solution is negligible."

− Mark Calvert, CEO Adler and Allan

The Biofuel Paradox – Action or Inaction?

Is there a do nothing option for UK forecourt owners?

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Tackling The Biofuel Paradox

See how Shell are successfully stopping Ethanol and BTEX from leaving their forecourts.

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Forecourt Management and Ethanol Coalescing Filter Integration

Mark Calvert explains how Ethanol Coalescing Filters integrate into existing drainage plans.

Find out how your forecourts are affected and what forecourt management methods can be employed to stop biofuel pollution.