In the effort to be green,
UK Government has unwittingly unleashed
a new, invisible pollution problem
on forecourt owners

The Biofuel Paradox

The problem of environmental
Ethanol and BTEX pollution from forecourts
will get worse over time as the %
of bio matter in fuel increases.

The Biofuel Paradox

Filtering oil and water is pretty
straightforward. But what
if the really dangerous pollutants hide
themselves in the water?

The Biofuel Paradox

A scientific breakthrough means £200
is the difference between
forecourt biofuel protection
and biofuel pollution.

The Biofuel Paradox

BTEX are particularly destructive contaminants.
When they hide in water they become
a formidable environmental enemy.

The Biofuel Paradox

Development of the Ethanol Coalescing Filter in Forecourt Pollution Prevention

Adler and Allan’s Ethanol Coalescing Filter is a unique solution that removes harmful BTEX compounds, helping organisations meet stringent Environment Agency pollution prevention guidelines. The first of its kind, the Ethanol Coalescing Filter removes over 90% of all BTEX components, and is easy to fit, attaching to existing separators without any requirement for modification or upheaval.

Read on for an insightful Q&A with inventor Richard Sacree, as he discusses the need for updated EU legislation, details on the rigorous independent performance tests, and what makes the Ethanol Coalescing Filter such an innovative solution…

The Biofuel Paradox - Adler and Allan - Ethanol Coalescing Filter

"The inspiration for the Ethanol Coalescing Filter was a requirement from the industry as biofuels were having a concerning effect on the forecourt. "

− Richard Sacree, Inventor of the Ethanol Coalescing Filter

The Science Behind Ethanol Coalescing Filters.


1. Could you explain the science behind how BTEX ends up in the Ethanol which allows them to escape normal filtering?

The inspiration was a requirement from the industry that biofuels were having a concerning effect on the forecourt. The existing separators were purely designed for handling hydrocarbon, and no one knew what Ethanol would do within the separator.

2. Do the different properties of each compound require different filters?

Yes, each filter element works differently to capture each BTEX component. The ethanol coalescing filter is constructed with differing filter elements arranged to increase the overall filtration efficiency of the filter assembly. It is the dwell time of the water within the filter elements that reduces the presence of contaminates especially BTEX components.

3. How does the filter get rid of the Ethanol and BTEX waste?

Exhaustive tests were carried out using various filtration formations to retain the maximum amount of BTEX compounds. We recognised that by feeding typical separator waste through specific chemically bonded filter media, each of the known BTEX components stuck to one of the selected media rather than join the water and enter the environment.  Each BTEX component has a different make up which requires a new medium to be used in the retention process. The filters must then be checked and replaced at regular intervals to dispose of the BTEX hazardous waste.

4. How do the various layers/filters differ?

To look at, the Ethanol Coalescing Filter doesn’t look too dissimilar from standard filters apart from being slightly thicker from having multiple layers. Each filter layer does a different task in retaining a specific BTEX component through the use of chemically bonding material, yet still allows water to pass through to the environment.

Richard Sacree, the inventor of
the patent pending solution,
answers our questions:

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Patent Pending Technology and Independent Test Results.

Independent test results have validated the efficiency of the Ethanol filter system for both Ethanol and BTEX removal.

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Results analysed by the National Laboratories under Environment Agency’s MCERTS certification.
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Ethanol Coalescing Filter - Patent Pending

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